Tool Organization By The Job

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How can I organize all these tools?

Tool Organization By The Job

Do you have too many tools for one toolbox or chest? If you are constantly hunting through a large collection of tools, it's time to organize yourself in a way that will help keep you organized. If you have multiple uses for your tools such as automotive, woodworking, and home improvement, you should consider organizing separate tool storage kits for each purpose, and a "common box" for tools that can be used for anything. Hammers, screwdrivers, and drills can go in the common box, while putty knives, box cutters, drywall saws and other items would go into the home improvement tool box. The best way to get yourself organized in this way is to block out a day where you lay every single tool you own out. Then you can begin categorizing and putting away the tools by type.



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