Outgrowing Your Old Tool Box, Belt, Or Tote

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What should I do with my old hand tool storage solutions after I outgrow them?

Outgrowing Your Old Tool Box, Belt, Or Tote

When you get started with tools as a beginner, you'll probably outgrow much of your early hand tool storage solutions as your collection of tools gets larger. What to do with all the old storage solutions, totes, and other gear your collection is now too large for? For starters, you may be able to donate a pile of such equipment to a local charitable organization, church, or community improvement group. If you are trying to raise a bit of money for additional tool purchases, you can sell your old storage solutions on Craigslist.com or eBay. Of course, you can always hang on to these smaller items if you have teenagers who display interest in your work. Chances are an interested teen will need these smaller items for a growing kit of their own. The Montana National Guard has a unique tool recycling program where reusable items are distributed to those who need them. If such a program does not exist in your area, you could start your own neighborhood version, or work with a local body to collect and distribute tools to local high school shop classes who could probably use the donations.



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