Pick Up Tools

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What is a pick up tool?

Pick Up Tools

Try a Google search on the phrase "pick up tools" and you'll get results for everything from "arm extender" grabbers to shop vacs. What kind of pick up tools do you need in the shop? That depends on your shop. You might actually be able to use an arm extender to pluck the highest tools hanging off a wall-mounted tool rack! One handy tool definitely designed for the shop is the magnetic pick up. This is a long metal rod designed to attract nuts, bolts, and other items that can fall into hard-to-reach places. If you drop a bolt that rolls underneath a work bench, the magnetic pick up tool is your solution. There are rigid and flexible versions that can be bent to reach around corners, underneath low-lying benches and platforms and other places that otherwise would have you crawling around on your hands and knees. Some magnetic pick up tools are so strong they can lift up to three pounds, which means a socket wrench or a pair of pliers is also retrievable from anywhere the tool tip can reach.



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