How Your Cell Phone Can Help When Purchasing Cordless Tools

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What does my cell phone have to do with cordless power tools?

How Your Cell Phone Can Help When Purchasing Cordless Tools

When you are purchasing cordless tools, it's a very good idea to use the same criteria you use in purchasing a cell phone.

  • How does the tool fit into your hand?
  • How long does it take to charge?
  • Most importantly, how long will the battery last? If you buy a cordless drill, you want to be able to get as much battery life out of it as possible.
  • What happens when the battery begins to run down? With a cell phone, you get service until the battery finally just conks out, but with a drill you may get reduced power, deceased torque, or other issues.
  • Does your cordless tool also have a “corded” option in case you do run out of battery?
  • Or will you be sidelined until the tool is charged again?



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