Cold Weather And Cordless Performance

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How does cold weather affect cordless battery life?

Cold Weather And Cordless Performance

Some battery-powered tools are more sensitive to temperature than their pneumatic counterparts. The hoseless nailer is a good example. This tool is adversely affected by temperatures below freezing or above 100 degrees. The battery performance and lifespan can be shortened. You may notice a reduction in power to the nailer, which will slow down or stop the job you are working on. Some of your problems may not occur on the job, but while the tool is in storage. If you keep your cordless drill and other tools in a garage or warehouse that is not temperature controlled 24 hours a day, you will definitely see a reduction in performance from certain types of cordless batteries. It is far better to keep these tools in the house or in a heated office. Maintaining a constant temperature as often as possible will definitely increase the life of your batteries.



2/6/2008 7:04:05 PM
shruti said:

so, if the battery was being charged, overnite the temperature in the room became very cold. today, i tried using the drill, but now it starts but, then within seconds it slows down. do you have any tips?


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