What Are My Cordless Tool Battery Choices?

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What are my cordless tool battery choices?

What Are My Cordless Tool Battery Choices?

Cordless power tools come in Ni-Cad or Lithium Ion battery versions. Choosing between the two isn't always easy.

  • Do you want a lighter cordless tool? Lithium Ion batteries are often the lighter option.
  • Do you want greater durability from your battery? NiCad batteries have a reputation for being more stable and rugged.
Lithium ion batteries do not develop a “memory”, but they have temperature sensitivity, which can lead to reduced battery capacity over time. Your cordless tools may be operated in a wide range of temperatures, and it's important to take this into account when choosing the type of tool for your work.

If you aren't worried about the additional weight of a NiCad battery, you may wish to consider this option depending on your needs. There are also “bare tool” options if you already own a battery and charging system. You may find your system compatible with many of your cordless tool options.



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