Circular Saw Safety

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What safety issues are connected with circular saws

Circular Saw Safety

One safety evaluation of 1000 woodworking power tool accidents found a whopping 35 percent of the mishaps occurred with circular saws. Of that number, most happened with the safety equipment either having been removed or improperly engaged. Circular saws should always have a blade guard in place, and properly adjusted. For portable circular saws, some are tempted to remove the guard except for the fact that it cannot be set down with the blade still rotating. One good reason to hang on to your portable saw's blade guard is to protect your arm should you lose your balance during the cut. When your arm comes in contact with the guard instead of the blade, you'll be very glad you did not remove that protective piece of metal.



8/4/2009 9:27:04 AM
allan said:

This is a good tip but there are so many things you have to watch for with a circular saw such as where the electric cord is when cutting. You also might want to use clamps when cutting smaller pieces.


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