Clamps For Picture Frames

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What is a variable angle strap clamp?

Clamps For Picture Frames

If you've ever priced a good, solid-wood picture frame, you know how expensive they can be. The cost to frame a single photograph, painting, or other work of art can be outrageous. Why not make your own? Frame pieces are sold pre-cut and ready to assemble. All you need is time, a little study on frame assembly, and the right tools. One tool that can make the entire process go quite smoothly is the variable angle strap clamp. This will hold the ends of a picture frame together without warping or distortion. You can either apply wood glue or fasteners to your picture frame, either way, the strap clamp keeps the pieces held firmly together. These clamps run under $50 and can really speed frame assembly, once you are comfortable doing the work.



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