Blind Rivet Hand Tools

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How would I use blind rivet tools and blind rivets?

Blind Rivet Hand Tools

Blind rivets are commonly used to join pieces of light metal. Blind rivets are common for many consumer-level work including installing gutters and drain spouts. There are many shapes and sizes of blind rivet hand-powered tools, but if you have to do work in hard-to reach areas, there are special long-arm tools designed specifically for such applications. It's important to check the fine print when purchasing such hand tools, as they are designed to handle specific blind rivet size ranges depending on the make and model. Some are built to accommodate larger blind rivets while others are made for small ones. Regardless of rivet size issues, one big advantage of blind rivet hand tools as opposed to power tools for the same job is the weight ratio. Power tools can weigh as much as five pounds, where some long-arm blind rivet tools weigh only a pound and a half.



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