What's A Stud Finder?

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What's a stud finder?

What's A Stud Finder?

A stud is part of the frame of the wall, hidden from view; usually a 2x4 or 2x6 Shelving and other attachments to the wall are most secure when fastened to these studs. A stud finder locates the studs, and make excellent tools for those who don't feel comfortable using the “tap” method experienced do-it-yourselfers sometimes use. You simply place the stud finder on the wall and move it along until the indicator light shows you the location of the stud. These handy gadgets can be very simple, or multi-functional tools with more complicated features. If you need a budget model, a simple magnetic stud finder is probably for you, but there are complicated models with lasers and LEDs that are a bit more expensive but allow you to grow into them as you become more do-it-yourself savvy.



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