Contractor Table Saws and Cabinet Saws

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What is the difference between contractor table saws and cabinet saws?

Contractor Table Saws and Cabinet Saws

Cabinet saws and contractor saws are quite similar in many ways, but there are a few outstanding differences that may affect your decision on which one to get for hobby work or set of home improvement jobs. Both use table saw blades, both can use induction-type motors. The contractor saw has one drawback; it can cause a dust collection problem. When using a contractor saw, some may prefer to wear a mask to reduce discomfort during sawing. A cabinet saw doesn't have the same volume of dust collection, but one thing that may make you think twice is the need for a 220-volt outlet to handle the electrical needs of the saw. If you prefer a "plug anywhere" table saw, the contractor saw fits the bill nicely, in spite of the dust.



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