Left-Handed Tools

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Where can I find left-handed tools?

Left-Handed Tools

If you are in need of left-handed hand tools, you may have to do a bit of searching in order to find what you need, but there are many tools out there designed just for you. Websites may not offer comprehensive tool kits designed for lefties, but items such as left-handed tape measures are quite plentiful online. You obviously won't need a lefty hammer or hand saw, but left-handed scissors and related cutting tools seem to be more plentiful online than ever. There are even left-handed tool belts! Unfortunately many sites that cater to lefties carry plenty of left-handed pruning shears, but toolbox items seem in short supply depending on where you look. A good many useful tools (including left-handed utility knives and box cutters) are hidden away under "garden" or "garden and DIY" rather than being given their own tool section.



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