I've Purchased My First Set Of Mechanic's Tools. Now What?

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I've got all my tools. Anything else I should know?

I've Purchased My First Set Of Mechanic's Tools. Now What?

Getting ready to do that first set of repairs, maintenance, or part replacements? You have purchased the right set of wrenches, socket set, and other tools and you're ready to go, right? There's an old saying for those wise enough to heed the experience of those who have fixed before you: "Start early". Heeding these simple words will save you a major headache. Why? Because experienced mechanics know that regardless of how many tools you have, you will be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle at some stage in the repair. By starting early, when you finally hit that empty space in the tool chest, you can head out to the auto parts store while it is still open. It's such a simple concept that many forget until the car is in pieces, and the auto store is closed for the night.



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