What Is An Oil Filter Wrench?

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What is an oil filter wrench?

What Is An Oil Filter Wrench?

If you are planning to start changing your own oil, you should purchase an oil filter wrench to make the job go much easier. You can use a 'strap wrench' which is recommended by some, or the socket oil filter wrench. Some feel the socket version gets stuck on the oil filter too frequently, but it's really a matter of taste. Whichever tool works best for you is the one to stick with. Some cars are designed so that the socket tool is the better choice because of limited range of motion. Whichever type you choose, know that this is a specialized tool designed with the oil filter specifically in mind, rather than an all-purpose tool.

Some will wonder why they need such a tool at all, until actually trying to change the oil,
but a major problem for tool-less oil filter removal is heat. If you don't mind waiting for the car to cool down after driving into position for the oil change, you won't burn your hands trying to remove it. But who wants to wait that long? The oil filter wrench takes the waiting time out of the equation.



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