Power Tools And Eye Safety

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What's the difference between safety glasses and safety goggles?

Power Tools And Eye Safety

Power tool use means an inherent hazard to the eyes, and smart users wear eye protection at all times when the tools are running. It's just too easy to get a wood splinter, metal shaving, or other matter lodged in the eye because of the force and speed of a cutting tool. There are two basic types of eye protection; safety glasses and safety goggles, and not all eye protection is created equal. A pair of goggles is far safer for most applications, completely shielding the eye from foreign matter. Some kinds of safety glasses protect only the area in front of the eyes, leaving the sides exposed. They are usually built for a particular type of work, and are often supplemented by a face shield for additional protection.

Some safety goggles are made from thin plastic, and are best for most casual use around the shop; if you are working with heated materials, its better to invest in a more solid form of eye protection specifically rated for that kind of work. There's a reason why welding goggles are designed the way they are; aside from the dark lenses, they are built to withstand the heat of a stray sparks and other hot debris. Get the right safety tools for the right job for maximum protection.



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