Tool Training And Safety

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What can I do to increase safety on the job with newcomers?

Tool Training And Safety

If you work with power tools on the job, it's easy to assume that everyone in the shop has the same expertise as you, but new hires, temporary employees, and contractors have a wide range of experience levels. Sometimes the most important safety step you can take with regard to power tools is asking a simple question; "How much experience do you have on this power tool?" If you observe newcomers to your work area making obvious newbie errors such as placing a hand behind a power saw during the cut, or operating a cutting tool in an unsafe manner, you may need to stop the worker and give some on-the-spot training. If you don't have time to do the training yourself, you can always have the worker assigned to a less dangerous (to them) task, or make them read the manual on that particular tool before continuing with the work.



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