Power Tool Safety And Jewelry

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What can I do to increase my personal safety margin around power tools?

Power Tool Safety And Jewelry

Smart power tool operators do not wear jewelry of any kind during work. Even a wedding ring can get caught in just the wrong way with some equipment, raising the risk of amputation of the ring finger. Any kind of dangling object is a major safety liability around power tools, including sleeves, shirt tails, and necklaces. Good tool safety measures include minimizing any risk of a foreign object becoming entangled in your power tools. Remove all jewelry, button down sleeves, and even pin back loose dangling hair to maximize your safety margin around power tools and their accessories with moving parts.



10/18/2007 7:35:32 AM
Devan Clark said:

I think it's a great tip for everyone working in an industry, because I've seen wedding rings being crushed in certain tools, especially power tools, You would be smart to remove it before working, and put it back on after, at least you'll still have a finger to put it on.


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