What Is Drywall Corner Bead?

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What is drywall corner bead?

What Is Drywall Corner Bead?

Drywall corners can be a tricky operation, especially if you don't have much experience working with these materials. One item you'll definitely need is called drywall corner bead, which is installed after the drywall is hung. These are thin metal strips that create good inside corners for each of the walls in your drywall project. You coat the corner bead with "drywall mud" and put it into place. Once the mud has dried, you can sand down your work to give it a smooth appearance, but be sure to use a putty knife or other drywall tool to take away excess mud from your drywall corners before they start to dry. The corner bead is only one part of the project, but it is an important step in getting the look of a proper "finished" room.



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