Drywall Doesn't Have To Mean "Dull Wall"

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Can I texture a drywall project?

Drywall Doesn't Have To Mean "Dull Wall"

Newcomers to the art of hanging drywall will be surprised at the amount of tools available to help spruce up a project. One set of drywall equipment is designed to add texture to the wall, but if you've never shopped for a drywall texture sprayer before, you'll be shocked at how expensive these units can be. The good news is you can rent these sprayers from a local tool rental center. You can even forget the sprayer, and apply texture by hand; your options include a heavy texture known as "popcorn" which can hide flaws and errors in the initial job, "skiptrowel" which can resemble stucco, and "orangepeel" which gives the same kind of texture the name implies.



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