Before Painting Drywall

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Should I add primer to my drywall before painting?

Before Painting Drywall

Experts say after you have hung your drywall, coated all the seams and nails, and done your final sanding, there is one more step before applying paint. Some people will launch right into a painting project, but without adding a combination sealer and primer to the walls, you will have flaws including bad texture, and "joint banding". The primer/sealer can be considered a "paint prep" step much like spraying primer on a car before painting. This kind of drywall primer should be part of your other drywall tool kit, the same as compound and tape. Your paint should roll on to a smooth surface, and should have an even texture. Don't put regular paint on "naked" drywall unless you are ready to see your work wind up looking second rate.



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