Power Tools Safety

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Power Tools Safety

Aubuchon Hardware Tip: Power tools can be fun, but also dangerous. Being careful with the tools isn't always good enough to prevent mishaps. When operating a circular saw, for example, you can encounter an irregularity in a piece of wood that kicks up splinters. Without eye protection, the risk of blinding injury is greatly increased. Improperly tightened clamps, vises, or other tools used to secure wood for sawing and sanding mean potential injury from a saw or sander that has slipped off the wood. The two best kinds of precautions in your work space are: a simple double check of all grips, connections, and insertion of blades or bits; and the availability of a first-aid kit in easy reach. Your kit should be well stocked with bandages, antiseptic, and even a tourniquet in case of more serious injuries. You should also have a large bottle of eyewash handy for splinters, sawdust, and other potential eye problems.



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