Going the Distance with Cordless Power Tools

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Going the Distance with Cordless Power Tools

Those who use battery power tools can all speak to the benefits of not being tied down to a cord when they are trying to go the distance on their DIY projects. Because of their popularity, the residential and commercial tool marketplace is flooded with cordless tools and cordless tool kits. That may leave the novice scratching his or her head as to what to buy.

Factors to consider when selecting a cordless screwdriver or drill include charging time. While you may not have to contend with a plug, the battery will eventually give out and that usually happens right in the middle of a project. Look for cordless power tools with lithium-ion batteries that offer fast charging time. Another factor for cordless power tools is their weight and how easy they are to hold. To maintain your comfort level on long projects, look for products that provide an easy grip that fits naturally within your hand.

Look for a brand of cordless power tools that offers a wide array of choices within their collection so that you have a set that runs on the same battery platform, making charging easier. Lastly, brands mean a lot in the tool business. If you have a used a particular manufacturer's corded tools in the past and felt good about it, then their cordless line is likely to reflect the same quality, reliability and value.



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