Fastening Tools: Staple Guns and More

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Fastening Tools: Staple Guns and More

While staple guns can handle many projects, including securing fabric for upholstery projects as well as fastening carpet padding, ceiling tile, screening, wire, and weather stripping, there may be other fastening tools that can prove helpful for certain DIY projects.

If you're working with sheet metal, rivet tools provide effective fastening capability, especially rivet nut tools that have any number of uses beyond just sheet metal. Although staple guns can handle quite a lot, power hammers provide additional strength to ensure tighter fastening for certain projects that may involve ductwork, shelf brackets, conduit clips and metal junction boxes. Power hammers are most effective for metalworkers and blacksmiths for their ability to forge metal. Projects that involve metal may also require specific soldering tools, such as a soldering gun. Examples include vehicle projects, jewelry, copper pipes in plumbing, roof flashing and rain gutters where other fastening tools, such as staple guns, just can't do the job.



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