Selecting Garden Hoses for Lawn and Garden Needs

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Selecting Garden Hoses for Lawn and Garden Needs

Hoses come in all sizes and materials designed to work for different tasks. Diameter and length affect water pressure. Keep the hose length as short as possible based on the area you need to cover. The easiest garden hoses to handle are those made of vinyl, however these don't last as long as those made with rubber that offer increased burst strength. Look for rubber/vinyl combinations for home and light commercial use; reinforced rubber are great for heavy-duty use. Garden hoses that come with their own holes are intended for watering lawn and garden areas.

Are you comparing garden hoses based on price? Vinyl garden hoses are the cheapest but last the least amount of time. A new coil garden hose may look funny, but it is designed to avoid kinks that other garden hoses end up with and is still considerably cheaper than a rubber-enforced hose. There are a number of industrial- and commercial-strength garden hoses that, while expensive, are designed to withstand extreme pressure and temperature variations for daily use.



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