Basic Garden Tools

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Basic Garden Tools

The type of garden tool you need depends on the size of your lawn and garden and the amount of time you dedicate to tending it. Some basic garden tools are worth an investment. First, a couple of garden hand tools, such as a shovel, fork, rake, hoe and garden cultivator, are effective for removing leaves, weeds, and debris while also helping prepare the soil for planting flowers or plants. Your basic garden tools should also include tools for pruning back plants and flowers, a hose, a pair of quality gloves, and knee pads to protect your clothing and skin when you're bent over in the flower beds.

Don't buy the cheapest garden tools possible because they may break easily or actually damage your plants. Invest in garden tools that are made of forged steel and have wooden handles. Try out the garden tools before you buy them to make sure you feel comfortable and they help take some of the back work out of gardening. Consult with the lawn and garden specialist in your local home and garden center to find out if there are any other specialized garden tools that you'll need for your particular yard design.



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