Outdoor Power Equipment for the Lawn and Garden

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Outdoor Power Equipment for the Lawn and Garden

Power tools make lawn and garden tasks easier, especially when it comes to the lawn or clearing large piles of leaves and garden debris. There are a few basic outdoor power equipment options to consider for the lawn, including a lawn mower, edger or trimmer, and blower. Typically, this outdoor power equipment can be electric or gas-powered. While outdoor power equipment powered by electricity is cheaper and considered to be more environmentally sensitive, the cord can be a hassle if you have a lot of yard to cover. Gas-powered outdoor power equipment can be noisy and quite a bit heavier to maneuver. Cordless, rechargeable outdoor power equipment is available for some equipment but the batteries can be expensive and the equipment can be unreliable.

With all outdoor power equipment, safety must be the priority. This means wearing safety goggles, shoes, and long clothing. Read all directions to know how to use each tool properly. Many home and garden centers offer clinics that review the basics on use and maintenance of outdoor power equipment. These clinics are a good investment to ensure your safety and the long life of the outdoor power equipment.



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