Safety Handling for Hand Saws

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Safety Handling for Hand Saws

Hand saws are one of the most basic hand tools. Make sure safety is first when operating hand saws, as they can be very dangerous. Wear goggles for eye protection or a face shield to protect your entire face. Since there are many different hand saws, be sure to check with an expert about which one is the best for the project you're working on.

Other important safety tips for hand saws include keeping the object being cut free of any items that might cause the saw to buckle. Ensure the wood is securely in place—start slowly with the cut until the blade is engaged in the wood, and apply pressure on the downstroke only. Be sure that the blades and teeth of all hand saws are sharp and cleaned regularly. Keep your hand saws in a case to protect their teeth when not in use. Lastly, it never hurts to ask a professional to show you the best ways to work with your hand saw before you get started.



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