Getting a Handle on Hand Tools

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Getting a Handle on Hand Tools

Hand tools are some of the most commonly used tools by both DIY novices and construction professionals. As one of the widest categories of tools, hand tools have a range of functions—from cutting, chopping, and sawing to gripping, chiseling, and fastening. Common hand tools include hammers, scissors, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, and saws. Some hand tools require patience and talent because they are used for detailing or to work in tight spaces. Power hand tools were developed to streamline work.

Hand tools are used in almost every manufacturing industry. There is a wide range of gardening hand tools and basic home maintenance hand tools as well as a set of hand tools for the auto industry as well as tools for crafts and hobbies. Industrial workers may also have their own set of power hand tools while those who work with wood may rely on carving tools or a cutting tool, such as a chisel. Knowing the function and capability of each hand tool will help you select the right ones for your projects.



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