Using Screwdrivers Safely

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Using Screwdrivers Safely

When it comes to using hand tools, even ones as simple as screwdrivers, safety can't be emphasized enough. While power screwdrivers require careful attention, regular screwdrivers demand proper care and handling as well. Wear safety glasses when using power or manual screwdrivers.

Only use screwdrivers for their intended use—to remove or drive screws—and not for any other purpose, such as scraping, chiseling, or prying. Be sure to use the right size and type of screwdriver for the appropriate screw rather than trying to use any screwdriver you find. The screwdriver can slip if it doesn't have the appropriate hold on the screw, causing injury. Use a vice or clamp to secure the material that you're driving a screw into or removing a screw from.

The handles on screwdrivers will not protect you from electrical current, so take extra precaution when working around wires. Don't use a screwdriver if the handle is worn or broken, the tip is damaged, or the shaft is bent.



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