Allen Wrenches for Mechanics and More

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Allen Wrenches for Mechanics and More

Allen wrenches go by different names: allen keys, hex keys, and hex wrenches. They prove quite helpful for automotive hand tools as well as DIY projects. Mechanics who work on all types of vehicles—from bicycles and motorcycles to cars, trucks, and even tanks—cannot do without allen wrenches because they work great for tight spaces. After all, mechanics usually don't have much area to work in and often face challenges trying to reach a bolt they need to tighten or loosen.

Today's motorcycles and vehicles commonly use allen bolts or hex-head bolts to secure casings or other small parts. Other automotive tools, such as screwdrivers, can't remove these types of bolts and may not be successful even with the help of an impact wrench. Allen wrenches have become popular hand tools among mechanics for their simplicity, size, and ease of use. Allen wrenches are helpful in terms of inserting a screw into a hole that can be hard to reach, and they are effective at working with small parts. Consider buying a set of allen wrenches if you need a number of sizes to accommodate different jobs.



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