What Is a Split Key Ring?

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What Is a Split Key Ring?

A split ring is a round piece of metal used in key chains and jewelry. They are used on a daily basis as part of any common key chain. The wire is curved over into what appears to be almost two circles. The first circle makes a bend followed by a second circle of metal next to it with the flexibility to be moved so that keys can be inserted into the rings. Pry the ring open and feed an item along each metal circle until they are fully attached to the ring.

Typically a split key ring holds keys, but it can hold other small objects like a penknife or multi-tool accessory, key chains, key fobs, and identification cards. A split key ring is usually made of spring steel coated in chromium to reduce corrosion, prolonging the life of the key ring. A split key ring is an excellent way to organize all your keys for home, work, and transportation.



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