Selecting the Right Tool Bag

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Selecting the Right Tool Bag

A tool bag organizes your tools and saves you time and energy rummaging through your tool storage box. Tool bags come in all sizes, shapes, and materials. Selecting the right tool bag depends on the type of work and the number and size of the tools needed for your project. Certain features are important to consider for any tool bag. These include plenty of room and pockets for hand tool storage to keep tools separate for easy access and overall tool organization. The tool bag should close securely so that tools do not fall out.

Durability is a key feature to look for in a tool bag made of reinforced leather or vinyl. Heavy gauge nylon stitching is a plus. A rubber base helps if you plan on placing the tool bag on the ground—it offers moisture protection and easy cleaning capabilities. Also consider a tool bag that has wheels and a handle that expands for easy transportation. There are tool bags for specific job functions, such as a mason's tool bag, electrician's tool bag, and general contractor's tool bag. These have been specifically designed for certain hand tool storage.



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