Getting Started with Drywall Tools

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Getting Started with Drywall Tools

Thinking of doing drywall repair or working with drywall board for home construction? Take a hint from drywall finishers and pick up drywall tools and drywall equipment.

  • Use a stainless steel mud pan to hold the mud when gluing drywall tape to the drywall board and corners.
  • A steel knife cuts the drywall board and tape.
  • A plastic corner tool and t-square also help with cutting and measuring.
  • You'll need a bucket of water for wetting the tape and tools.
  • Get a tape measure and utility knife to measure the drywall board.
  • A cordless driver helps attach the drywall board to the studs.
  • If you're putting drywall board on ceilings, use a panel lift. A t-bar made of lumber works just as well and costs a lot less.
  • Sandpaper is an important drywall tool because it helps with the finishing process and drywall repair projects.
You can find all of these drywall tools at DIY retailers, hardware stores, and at online hardware stores. Look for tutorials on how to work with drywall board and handle drywall repair.



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