Hobby Tools for Woodworking

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Hobby Tools for Woodworking

Woodworking requires a number of hobby tools for whittling, cutting, shaping and carving, including hand tools such as a hobby knife, and larger hobby tools like a table saw, disc sander, lathe, horizontal drill, and drill press. Small hobby and craft woodworking projects, such as model toys and dollhouses, require small hobby tools such as tweezers, knife blades, chiseling or carving blades, gouging blades and a block plane. Larger woodworking projects also require complex hobby tools.

  • A planer is an important woodworking hobby tool that helps ensure smooth, clean edges and accurate dimensions.
  • A router handles a lot of tasks in woodworking. It can stand in for a shaper, which saves purchasing an additional hobby tool. Routers help finish the edges to woodworking projects and can use different bits to deliver a wide variety of cutting styles.
  • Shapers are effective for lighter work or for handling raised panel cabinet doors or smoothing a table.
  • A miter saw is a must-have hobby tool for any woodworking project. Select a 10” miter saw because this will handle most projects, is portable, and can help make clean, accurate cross-cuts.
There is an endless supply of hobby tools for woodworking, including an orbital sander, biscuit joiner, jigsaw and clamps, to just name a few. It's best to start with the basics and add on as you focus on specific woodworking projects where you will need these tools more regularly. Until then, consider renting some hobby tools until you're sure that you truly enjoy woodworking.



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