Lightening Your Load with the Right Masonry Tools

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Lightening Your Load with the Right Masonry Tools

Masonry work is no easy task. Tile tools and masonry tools help make the work go smoother and assist at what can be some very complicated and skilled projects. A masonry anchor helps fasten all types of things to concrete and expand against the sides of a hole in concrete to create a grip. The type of masonry anchor should take into consideration the weight and type of item that is to be fastened to the concrete to ensure a long-lasting hold.

Other masonry tools are a tamper for compacting soil, a cement mixer, a bull float and darby for leveling concrete, a concrete trowel for a smooth finish, a masonry chisel for cutting or trimming, a mason's hammer and folding rule and a hawk for holding mortar while laying blocks or bricks. Masonry tools also include special equipment for the mason to wear for protection and comfort. Rubber boots are an absolute necessity when pouring and handling concrete. Rubber knee pads are helpful for protecting knees and the set, uncured concrete underneath those knees.



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