Recycle with an Aluminum Can Crusher

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Recycle with an Aluminum Can Crusher

Recycling aluminum cans is good for the environment and a good way to make extra money. The only problem is what to do with all the cans until you are ready to go to the recycling center. An aluminum can crusher helps condense the aluminum cans into a smaller space for easier storage. Even the recycling centers will smile when they see you because it cuts down on the amount of work they have to do.

While some people resort to using their feet as an aluminum can smasher, others turn to power to speed up this chore. The aluminum can crusher is your answser for fast, efficient can crushing. You reload one or many cans (depending on the model) and manually crush the cans with a handy lever. Since the crushed cans fall out of the bottom, simply place a trash can or trash bag underneath the device for easy collection.

The aluminum can crusher can be mounted inside the garage or kitchen pantry or even put outside because it withstands damp environments and does not rust. Only American soft drink and beer cans will fit in the aluminum can crusher. It will hold up to a 16 ounce can but only one can be placed in the machine at a time.



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