Using a Furniture Dolly

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Using a Furniture Dolly

Moving furniture can be a cumbersome task unless you use some of the tools that professional moving companies use. Also known as furniture sliders or furniture glides, furniture dollies are designed for moving appliances, large furniture, awkward-sized items, or multiple boxes. You can purchase a furniture dolly from online hardware stores or moving companies. It's a handy piece of equipment to keep around the house.

For managing such a large task, a furniture dolly is surprisingly simple in its design. Furniture gliders are made of a low platform that has been mounted on a set of reinforced casters or wheels. The low platform makes a furniture dolly handy for navigating through low overhead clearance of some doorways. Since there are no handles on furniture sliders, those using them must push the object that is on top of the platform to set the caster in motion. It's best to secure the objects to the dolly with rope or other types of tie downs to ensure that the objects don't fall.

Do not overload your furniture dolly. Most furniture dollies will list their weight limits or the moving rental facility can advise you of the restrictions. Don't leave items on the dolly when the items are being transported because this can cause damage to the furniture. Also take care when moving a furniture dolly over uneven surfaces.



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