Charging Cordless Tools

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Should I buy a dual charger?

Charging Cordless Tools

There are a wide variety of cordless tool chargers to choose from. If you have purchased a cordless tool that did not come with a charger (from a yard sale or an eBay purchase, for example) you should buy a charger for your make and model that offers two charging slots. This can dramatically cut your tool downtime and increase its efficiency. You may not think so when you only own a single cordless tool, but once you get used to the ease and convenience of cordless tools, you'll want to expand your cordless tool kit. A dual charging bay lets you charge the tools you aren't using while you are on the job with your other cordless units. When working with others on a larger project, you can set fully-charged tools aside so other workers can get their cordless drills, saws, and other tools charged up, too.



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