Cordless Tools And Tool Belts

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What can I do about my bottom heavy cordless drill in the tool belt?

Cordless Tools And Tool Belts

Do you use a tool belt when working? It is important to pay attention to the shifting weight issues caused by the battery in cordless tools. A cordless drill, for example, carries the battery in the base. Gravity shifts the bottom-heavy tool around in the tool belt, and in some utility belt designs, the weight shift will eventually let the drill fall out of the belt. If you are working from an elevated position, this can be a real safety hazard. Attaching a cordless drill to your utility belt with a lanyard will go a long way toward preventing your cordless tool from shifting out of the belt and impacting the floor. You can also use a loop of Velcro to fasten the tool in the pouch to prevent these “bottom-heavy” tools from becoming airborne.



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