When Would I Need A Heavy-Duty Vise?

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When would I need a heavy-duty vise?

When Would I Need A Heavy-Duty Vise?

Woodworking projects may not require anything more than a good pipe clamp, but it all depends on the size of the wood you are working with. For more ambitious projects featuring slabs of granite, heavy cuts of wood, or even engine parts, you may need the additional ruggedness and strength of a heavy-duty vise. If you need to clamp and secure irregularly shaped parts, a heavy-duty vise with a pivoting jaw is probably the best tool for the job. Some heavy-duty models are made specifically for woodworking, and feature jaws that are covered or coated to prevent the wood from being marred. Other vises have metal jaws with little serrated teeth. Vises aren't made "one-size-fits-all", but if you find yourself stuck with a vise that isn't made to protect your materials, you can cover up the hard metal surfaces with a shop towel and a chamois to keep the teeth from digging in to your surfaces.



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