Assembling Your First Automotive Tool Set?

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What should go into my first automotive tool set?

Assembling Your First Automotive Tool Set?

There are plenty of ways to gather info when it comes time to put together a beginner set of automotive tools. Are you stuck trying to figure out what kind of socket set to get? Car repair experts recommend you purchase a complete socket set, including swivel sockets, extensions, and other accessories.

If you want to get a look at what might be lurking in such sets, you can check out the tool list offered to students taking automotive courses at the local community college or vocational school. Instructors often make a comprehensive tool list. Check out the one listed by DeAnza College and you'll see a long list of tools, including the all-important socket wrench set, all listed under "general tool set". Mechanics tools aren't any good to you if the set is incomplete or missing the one item you need to finish the task at hand, and when it comes to car repair, substitute tools or makeshift solutions aren't always an option.



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