All About Garden Hose Nozzles

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All About Garden Hose Nozzles

All garden hose nozzles are not created equal. Your lawn and garden may require more than one garden hose nozzle. Know the difference to ensure that your plants, flowers, and grass receive the right amount of water.

Save the power flow garden hose nozzles for washing your car, the driveway or windows because it can deliver a powerful stream of water. While these kinds of garden hose nozzles also have mist or spray settings, the powerful delivery of water can be too strong for many delicate garden plants and flowers. To effectively and gently water your most delicate garden flowers, try mister garden hose nozzles that deliver a very fine spray that allows the water to remain on the flowers and leaves.

Some garden hoses include a wand, which helps you reach hanging plants, or deep-set bushes to help you cover your entire garden. You can buy a multi-patter sprayer nozzle that comes with three to eight different patterns, including a fine mister and power sprayer features, so that you don't have to constantly switch garden hose nozzles.



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