Tips for Soldering Tools

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Tips for Soldering Tools

There are a number of tips for using soldering tools for various projects, including how to solder copper pipe. A good soldering tool for copper fittings is a propane torch because you'll need a more intense level of heat. Other soldering tools work for smaller, home or hobby projects, such as soldering pencils, guns and irons.

Use a soldering gun to better control the amount of heat and where the heat should be placed. You'll want a soldering pencil for intricate jobs, such as circuit-board repairs, where control over soldering material is more important than high heat. Most of these are heated electrically while soldering tips can be fitted to a propane torch or a butane-powered device for commercial soldering jobs.

Before working with soldering tools, make sure tips are clean. Use a file to remove any corrosive build-up that can inhibit even material flow or interfere with heat. Clean the tip after each use to extend its life.



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