Keeping it Clean with a Laundry Washboard and Laundry Umbrella

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Keeping it Clean with a Laundry Washboard and Laundry Umbrella

As more people seek eco-friendly ways of life, laundry has become one area where old-fashioned laundry appliances have returned to help cut back on water and electricity usage. A galvanized laundry washboard with a traditional woodframe is making a comeback for hand washing clothes. These are very economical and simply require elbow grease for power. They can substantially cut back on the amount of water you use.

Also available are a number of drying options for outdoor drying, including a laundry line and a laundry umbrella. Foldable clothesline dryer umbrella lines provide a lot of space. Usually, laundry umbrellas are already pre-strung with clothesline and simply need to be unfolded and tapped into the ground. A laundry umbrella can also be rotated, which makes it easy for filling up and removing dry clothes. If you don't have much room to place a large laundry umbrella, then string a laundry line nearly anywhere by attaching a unit to a wall and using grip clips or a retractable unit that can be put away when not in use.

A laundry washboard, laundry umbrella and laundry line can all be purchased at hardware and DIY retailers as well as at an online hardware store.



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